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Best Online Shopping Stores in Kenya 

Vincent Nyoike
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Online shopping is becoming increasingly in demand. In the last decade, Kenya has registered the highest increase in online retail stores. It is because e-commerce stores are convenient. You do not need to go to the shop to purchase. Instead, you can order goods and have them delivered at your doorstep. Online shopping stores have made it easy to shop and make payments online.

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Best Online Shopping Sites in Kenya

The following are the leading e-commerce shopping stores you can use to make purchases conveniently. They have a wide variety of products under one roof. You can make orders through the websites or through their social media platforms. You can enjoy the best online shopping in Kenya on these stores.

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Jumia is a popular e-commerce store in Kenya. It offers a wide variety of products and has a lot of traffic from customers. The online retail store has agents to help customers make orders. You can also order products through their website. Payment for products whose value exceeds Ksh 1000 is made when the product is delivered to your pick up station.

Jumia online shopping

Jumia has a beautiful and simple to use the website. It has high-quality images and has details of every product. You can also read reviews from customers who have bought the product before to determine if it is worth buying. They offer incredible discounts, especially during their black Friday offers. You can return a product before 7 days are over from delivery if you don't like it. 


Kilimall online shopping in Kenya is the second leading retail shop. It offers a wide range of products like electronics, baby products, clothing and cooking ware. The store was started in 2014 and has been improving from time to time. It has a simple and appealing website that makes it easy for customers to make orders independently.

Kilimall online shopping

It has a customer service that will help you order goods, track their delivery to ensure customer satisfaction. It offers cash rewards and discounts to its customers from time to time. You pay for the goods first and then wait for the delivery. The exciting thing about Kilimall is that if you don't like the product, you can return it and get a full refund. The store also operates in Nigeria.


Masoko is an online shopping website by Safaricom. The online retail store is a fully-fledged e-commerce store and offers a wide range of products ranging from furniture to electronics. Their products are relatively expensive compared to other stores. However, their products are genuine and of high quality. Luckily, they have promos from time to time and you can always check when they have one.

It has an excellent website that makes it easy to navigate through the products for convenience in shopping.


Avechi is an excellent online shopping store that avails almost any product locally. They have a Global shipping service where they import almost anything you order. You can take advantage of their promos to get price discounts.

The retail store has an excellent web design that is neat and presents products professionally. Every product is accompanied by a description helping you understand it better even before making a purchase. 


Cheki is an excellent platform for those looking for great car deals. They have a unique website with clear pictures allowing you to compare cars on offer. The online e-commerce store does not sell cars on its own; instead, it brings together sellers and buyers.

You can buy or sell locally used cars, or you can import one. It is easy to navigate through the website, while the purchase process is also easy.


Skygarden has a wide variety of products under one roof. Their products range from electronics to home appliances. They deliver goods faster compared to other online shopping retails stores. However, the platforms sell products at relatively higher prices compared to other platforms like Masoko. However, you can buy products at low prices during their customer promotion days.


Shopit is an online retail store for computers and office appliances. It has a user-friendly website where you can easily view their products. All the products come with a detailed product description. You can also review their experience shopping with them. You can reach their customer care for more information through the chat option on their website.


Rondamo is an excellent online retail store for electronics. They offer a wide variety of tech products ranging from refurbished computers, cameras, printers and televisions. They have relatively fair prices, while they also have promotions from time to time. They make deliveries countrywide.


Saruk is an online shopping website for refurbished computers and laptops. You might have come across their adverts on social media. They also sell other electronics like cameras, televisions and printers. Although their prices are a bit higher, you can take advantage of their customer promotions.


Jamboshop is an online retail store you can use to buy a wide variety of products. You can buy electronic gadgets and clothing. They have lower rates for smartphones compared to other retailers. They offer friendly prices for most of their products.

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