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Best Shopping Payment Processing Services in Kenya

Vincent Nyoike
Vincent Nyoike Payment Services

Cashless payments have become common in Kenya due to the establishment of payment processing services. You can now shop using cashless payments. It is a secure way to shop without having to carry cash around. Cashless payments have become common, especially with the Covid-19 pandemic and the government urging citizens to embrace electronic cash payments and transfers.

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Payment Processing Services You can Use to Shop

Kenya has embraced technology leading to the development of electronic payment means. The following are some payment processing services you can use for your shopping or making cash transfers.

  • M-Pesa
  • Airtel Money
  • Visa Card
  • MasterCard 

You can use also these payment processing services when you shop through online retail stores in Kenya.

1. M-Pesa

M-Pesa is the most common cash transfer and payment processing service in Kenya. It was launched by Safaricom and has attracted millions of customers. You can send and receive money in second using M-Pesa. You can also use Lipa na M-Pesa to pay for your shopping using a pay bill number. You can also use M-Pesa to pay other bills like electricity bill.

Paying cash through a pay bill number is free. With M-Pesa, you can shop even without a balance in your account. M-Pesa has a new Fuliza service whereby you can get a loan to shop. The amount will be automatically deducted when you receive or deposit money into your account. M-Pesa has partnered with many Kenya banks where you can deposit and withdraw money from your bank account using M-Pesa.

2. Airtel Money

Airtel money is the second leading payment processing service in Kenya. You can use it to transfer money and to shop. You can use Airtel money to pay bills like the electricity bill and DSTV bill. While you can use it for banking services, you can also use it to pay salaries. Airtel money has cheaper transaction charges compared to M-Pesa. However, many people use M-Pesa.

Airtel Money has Lipa na Airtel service that you can use to pay for goods and services in supermarkets and retail outlets. You only need the Till Number of the seller to make payment.

3. Visa Card

Visa Card payments have become common, especially with bulk payments. You can use a Visa Card from any bank in Kenya to make payments and cash transfers. You can swipe conveniently to pay for goods and services in supermarkets, hospitals and fuel stations. Most of these payments do not attract an extra fee.

Visa Payment Card

Besides using a Visa card to shop, you can also use it to deposit and withdraw cash from those shops. Withdrawing money from outlet shops attracts a fee. It is safer to pay using a Visa card compared to carrying cash.

4. MasterCard

You can use your MasterCard from any bank in Kenya to shop for goods and services. MasterCard has partnered with entertainment and shopping platforms to offer customers exclusive discounts. For instance, if you buy products from Tuskys Supermarket, you get free delivery by Glovo, a courier service. Other service providers like Showmax also offer discounts when you pay using MasterCard.

MasterCard Payment Card

MasterCard is a safe and secure service. You can swipe in many places like petrol stations, supermarkets and hospitals. For most of these services, you won't miss several offering discounts when you pay using MasterCard.


All these money processing services are available in Kenya. You can choose who one is the most convenient for your shopping experience. They are safe and secure compared to carrying cash to make purchases. Also, check out from the respective providers for their charges.